Welcome to Thrive Create Your Universe © Images and text copyright Revolutionary Games 2014 Thrive is an open source game which aims to simulate the entire universe - your way. From the lowly tide pools of your home planet, you will evolve a creature to triumph against your adversaries, gain sentience and blast off to explore distant worlds. The eventual game will include a wide variety of features, such as population dynamics; a procedural evolution system which automatically evolves AI creatures and allows you to directly edit your own organism, designing not only their look but behaviour and internal organ structures as well; a sandbox mode in which you can edit absolutely everything, unlocked after the space stage; a tech editor to design and test your own tech objects; advanced systems for economics implementing a compound resource tool; and much, much more. Will you thrive? DISCLAIMER: These are only prototypes and early releases - we are nowhere near to a finished game at the moment. Website constructed by Oliveriver and WJacobC Revolutionary Games