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With the introduction of a newfangled website, it’s an appropriate time to take stock on the status of music within the game, as future posts from the sound side of development are likely to be updates, presenting the new with assumed knowledge of the old. As you might well have guessed from the prominent figure in my profile picture, I’m heavily involved in all things audio, and as such will be, for the foreseeable future at least, the sound team’s link to the outside world.

Right now we have a multitude of themes (pieces of music composed to fit a certain scenario) created by the game’s composers past and present. You can listen to our entire approved repertoire here:

Not everything you hear above will make it into the final game – currently we have little knowledge of exactly how the later stages will function, so tailoring music to fit future scenarios is fairly speculative.

However, there is one game section we do precisely know the soundtrack for because it’s already in place: the Microbe Stage. Since version 0.2.2 we’ve had main menu, environment and editor themes in the game, with more to come soon. Though “officially” set in stone, the microbial soundtrack is up for additions should talented composers wish to lend their services, but for now, you can listen to everything here:

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also released the Microbe Stage soundtrack (including both Main Theme variations not part of the above) as a free high-quality download:

Happy listening!

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