To join the Thrive development team, you should send us an application via email containing the information outlined below. After your application is accepted, you’ll be sent an invitation to join our development forums and contribute to discussions.

Send your application to with the subject heading ‘New Application’. If you don’t use this subject heading your message may accidentally be caught in the spam filter. If you don’t receive a reply within five days, please contact us via one of our social media outlets. The email system is known to be unreliable.

A full guide to our application process can be found here. We recommend you read our page on how to get started too, since it covers all the essential information about how development operates.

Should you not accept your invitation within 30 days, it will no longer be valid and you’ll have to apply again. We look forward to having you on board!

Here is the information you should put in your application:


Your preferred choice for a name on the forums and any other Thrive-related areas. If already taken, you will be notified and given the opportunity to change it. Once you accept your application, you can change your username on your new forum profile.

(Optional) Development Team(s)

Development teams cover the broad areas of development you can work in. Choosing which best applies to you should be straightforward, but if you’re unsure leave it blank and a moderator will decide based on your personal summary. Our development teams are Graphics, Outreach, Programming, Project Management, Sound and Theory.

Personal Summary

Introduce yourself and explain which areas of development you are interested in helping with. Include which skills you have and, any examples of previous work relevant to your intended role if possible. It’s hard for us to gauge skill level without these examples – artists should attach artwork portfolios and programmers should link us to existing projects, for instance. We have a guide to writing a personal summary here, but really you shouldn’t worry about it.

(Optional) How You Found Thrive

If you want, let us know where you first came across our project and what made you want to apply. This is purely for outreach purposes.

(Optional) Contact Declaration

Tell us whether you’re happy for Revolutionary Games to contact you if you disappear soon after joining to make sure you haven’t forgotten. Again, this is purely optional, but it helps make sure new members don’t go missing. We’re perfectly happy if you’d prefer not to be contacted in the future.