Devblog #25 Variety Patch

It’s been around 2 months since we first changed over to the Godot engine and as may have been noticed, the developers have begun to lose a little steam as of late. We have not made as much progress as we would have liked, but fear not! We are still around with the intent of working on Thrive, many devs have simply been caught up in other things, such is life. With that said, we have decided to go ahead and release the changes we have made so as not to keep everyone waiting!

0.5.1 brings a decent variety of small features and fixes made with the intent of polishing the plethora of issues that came out in 0.5.0, such as compounds rarely spawning, spawners not updating, and so on. It’s not without it’s notable features of course!

Thrive 0.5.1

Game Saving

The most exciting feature is undoubtedly the full implementation of saving functionality. Finally, you no longer have to say goodbye to your sweet creations when you close the game! This can be accessed by using the quicksave and load hotkeys F5 and F9, or via the pause menu.

Automated Devbuilds

For our wonderful patrons over at we now have a spiffy automated devbuild system that allows us to effortlessly upload our newest changes, and you to effortlessly download them via the launcher. You will need to link your patron account to our launcher by following the instructions found at Once done, the recent devbuilds will show up in the list of downloadable versions for you to enjoy.

Graphics improvements

We have gotten some new graphical changes such as a new Chromatic aberration filter and death effects. The chromatic aberration filter applies a blurred look to the edges of your screen, making it seem as if you might be observing the cells from a microscope or similar device. If you don’t like that, this effect can be toggled in the options menu. Upon death, cells now visibly dissolve into a short lived cloud of particles as their membranes break down. As dramatic as that may sound it looks really nice and is certainly nicer than simply popping into a cloud of parts.

We also implemented a screenshot key (F12) to make it easier for you to snap pictures of your creations. You can find the screenshots you have taken in a folder within the game files, next to the game logs folder.

ATP Balance Bar

You may notice that the ATP balance bar has a new look! It now provides players with more information regarding what exactly is consuming so much ATP. Each section of the bar is color coded and marked with a symbol to allow you to easily identify what each bar represents. Specific Bars can also be hidden by clicking on them!

Other Stuff

Other features include:

  • Automove function toggled by pressing X
  • Screenshot key (F12) that saved screenshots to a folder in your game files.
  • Less lag on bacterial colony spawn
  • Less wiggly cell walls
  • Rigidity slider has a tooltip
  • New math for player population changes
  • Question mark button in-game now functions
  • Assorted bugfixes
  • Assorted balance changes

Known Issues

While we have fixed some small issues, bugs still remain in this version. You unfortunately may still encounter occasional crashing while playing the game.

This time there won’t be a release livestream, but you can still ask us questions about this version or Thrive in general in our social media, the community forums, and in our discord server.