Devblog #34: Sticky Phylogeny

Today we are proud to announce the release of Thrive 0.5.10, which among a large host of bug and performance fixes, provides players with brand new tools to play with and study their world. Deter predators by impeding them with the sticky mucus left in your wake! Live your life to the fullest as a proper vegetative plant, without having to search for compounds! Create entire timelines to your exact specifications with the new autoevo tool! All of this and more, awaits you in the latest in Thrive.

As always, to get the newest version, either download the free launcher below, or purchase Thrive on Steam or to support the game’s development.

Thrive 0.5.10

Our developers have tirelessly labored to bring you an expanded Thrive experience. We’ve outlined the major changes in this devblog, but you can see the patch notes for a full list of features and bug fixes.

Mucilage Jet

0.5.10 presents a new highly versatile part to the evolutionist’s arsenal; The Mucilage Jet! This unassuming structure grants cells the ability to process glucose into a brand new agent known as mucilage over time. The cell is able to expel this mucilage to grant themselves a quick burst of speed to escape the grasp of predators, or perhaps catch their prey in turn. The mucilage left behind in the cell’s wake will drastically slow down any other cells caught in the sticky goo, granting craft creatures a chance to escape!

We cannot wait to see the interesting strategies players devise as they experiment with this new feature!

Time-Based Reproduction

No longer is the rate of reproduction tied directly to the player’s ability to gather compounds. Now in 0.5.10, all cells will passively acquire the necessary compounds over a period of time without needing to seek out concentrated clouds! No matter how large and slow you become, you will always be able to reproduce in reasonable time as the rate scales proportionally with the size of your organism.

Cells will on longer be able to reproduce instantly the moment they acquire sufficient resources however, as it now takes time to put the compounds to use. Gathering ammonia and phosphates via concentrated clouds will double the rate of reproductive progress, instead of directly filling it.

Auto-Evo Exploration Tool

For those of us with a love of clades and history; The Auto-Evo Exploration Tool is now available for your viewing pleasure! This invaluable tool allows you to directly run auto-evo several generations at a time within various defined metrics. Not only does it simulate the natural evolution of AI species, it also generates an entire clade diagram of each species and it’s predecessors!

Interested players will be able to peer into the very essence of any species by viewing it’s details, which reveal behavior values, precise color hex, population, auto-evo score, and more!

And what if you wanted to dive into this generated world that you have studied so well and experience it directly? You certainly can! Simply press “Play With Current Setting” to jump straight into the world you have generated.

Other Changes

  • Auto-evo calculations have been updated to encourage sessility in AI species, and now runs 60% faster as well.
  • LAWK (Life as We Know) is now toggled on by default when starting a new game. If you want to play with thermosynthesis, make sure to turn this setting off before starting!
  • Glycolysis and respiration processes now consume less glucose, making life a little easier. Small
  • Iron chunks now hold significantly less iron compound, preventing lithotrophs from fueling themselves indefinitely.
  • Entity limit is now weighted by size, so larger cells are less likely to spawn.
  • “Outdated” species should no longer show up in gameplay, this includes species meant to be extinct and the player’s own species being left behind as microbes after advancing to multicellular.
  • The generation seed of your planet will now be displayed in the editor so it can be easily saved or shared.
  • The compounds and environment panels have become separate, and can be toggled separately as well.
  • The multicellular stage now has it’s own gameplay and editor themes.
  • Thrive is now available in the Norwegian, Vietnamese, and Croatian languages.

You can read the entire list of changes in our patch notes.

Looking Ahead

In the near future, we will move on to 0.6.x where much of our work will involve the implementation of the Thriveopedia, upgrades system, unlocking system, combat reworks, and more!

There are of course also some various features that unfortunately did not make it in time for release, such as the day/night cycle that you can look forward to.

And finally, we are hosting the latest Thrivestream later today so please join us in our upcoming developer livestream to celebrate the new release!