Devblog #35: Dawn of the Living Fossils

Today we are proud to present the final update within the year of 2022; Thrive 0.6.0! Twilight now falls on the seas of Thrive, and the normally dominant autotrophs now face their greatest enemy… It is always darkest before dawn with the beautiful addition of the day/night cycle! Found a species you love and want to remember forever? Immortalize it with the all new fossilization tool included in the long awaited Thriveopedia, future home of all things informational. These and more, in Thrive 0.6.0!

As always, to get the newest version, either download the free launcher below, or purchase Thrive on Steam or to support the game’s development.

Thrive 0.6.0

Our developers have worked hard to bring you an expanded Thrive experience. We’ve outlined the major changes in this devblog, but you can see the patch notes for a full list of features and bug fixes.

The Thriveopedia

We’ve always wanted it and now we finally have it; The go-to resource for all things Thrive! The Thriveopedia is the future home of any information on the world, the game, and it’s mechanics, that the player could ever need to know. As of now, the Thriveopedia only contains a home page with links to our wiki and forums, a map of your current world, evolutionary tree, and the museum.

In the future, this guide is planned to contain information on the game’s features, including information about their real-life counterparts, and strategies on how to best use them.


Individual species can now transcend the confines of their home worlds at the behest of the player, with the powerful fossilization tool. While in the pause menu, the player can now select any species in view to capture it’s information and study it, and should they so desire, save it forever in their personal museum!

Amass all the species you could ever want within the Museum section of the Thriveopedia where not only can you admire your collection, but you can also freely start a new freebuild session as a select species of your choice! Share your favorite cells with other players by transferring your .thrivefossil files with each other! Gotta collect them all!

Day and Night

Throughout all of Thrive’s history photosynthesizers have reigned supreme as the most stable and uncontested autotrophs to grace the seas. But this ends today as the world of Thrive is no longer tidally locked with it’s sun and now experiences the exciting phenomena of night and day. Plant players beware as you must now periodically face a trial of endurance within the shadowy depths of the night, where the once ever-reliable sunlight can no longer reach.

As it is quite a large change to gameplay, the day/night cycle is currently disabled by default. So for anyone interested in experiencing the flow of time, make sure to enable it in the advanced game-start settings! Otherwise, players will be greeted with the familiar sunny skies of classic Thrive.

Launcher 2.0

Behold the latest in Thrive launcher technology, launcher 2.0; Now entirely rewritten and featuring enhanced processing and loading speeds, a sleeker design, and greater versatility. Steam build users will now be able to link their launcher to their devbuild access, and we now have a flatpack release for greater linux accessibility.

Other Notable Changes

  • Thrive now has a new intro video when you start the game. Make sure you have it enabled in the settings so you can appreciate the exciting view!
  • The main menu now features social media icons so that you can easily find a community outlet of your choice.
  • Thrive now has a safe-mode triggered crashing, which disables all mods and video playing before restarting.
  • Pili now feature a slight damage delay, preventing them from rapidly inflicting a large amount of damage at once.

You can read the entire list of changes in our patch notes.

Looking Ahead

While this update may be exciting, it is only the beginning of our plans for 0.6.x and sets The stage for the future implementation of our upgrades system, unlocking system, combat reworks, and more!

Want to hear more? Come join us in our upcoming developer Thrivestream to ask us whatever you like, and celebrate the new release!