Devblog #37: Background Technology Unlocked

Take your species further than ever before with the newly optimized cellular stages that will smoothly take you sailing into our latest advancements in the prototype stages! No longer are the creatures of Thrive strictly confined to the underwater realm, as now they can move onto the frontiers of land, where civilization will soon be born.
Bear in mind of course, that these later stages are raw prototypes and are not indicative of the final rendition.

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Thrive 0.6.2

Our developers have worked hard to bring you an expanded Thrive experience. We’ve outlined the major changes in this devblog, but you can see the patch notes for a full list of features and bug fixes.

Prototypes going further than ever before.

We previously developed a bare bones macroscopic prototype, but now we have gone further still with the development of the awakening, societal, and industrial stages.

In the awakening stage, the player has developed a central nervous system, or brain, that allows them to think and ponder. At this point they will be able to begin making tools and structures.

Once a societal center is built, the player will be able to form a proper society, and enter the stage in question! In the society stage, the player will no longer be in firm control of any individual; Instead guiding the civilization as a whole to eventually reach the stars. The player will need to construct buildings and manage their technological progress to develop industrial applications to broaden their influence.

Once rocketry is discovered, the civilization will be in the space era, and begin to reach ever further into the great void beyond. For now though, this will remain unfeasible.

Rich Backgrounds

Booting up Thrive, you’ll be greeted with a fresh coat of paint in the main menu! Backgrounds have been expanded to greet you with a lively depiction of different environments that promise a bright future. What do you envision when you see these environments? Who will come to inhabit them?

Other Notable Changes

  • The membrane generation algorithm is now massively faster, and only results in slightly visually different membranes.
  • The editor compound balance now shows the situation at ATP equilibrium, instead of assuming all processes always run at maximum speed.
  • Compound cloud visuals have been slightly improved with a higher resolution noise layer.
  • Microbes now spawn with initial compounds that are proportional to their compound usage rather than fixed values.
  • Added HUD messages that notify the player about current events. (Such as when the editor can be entered)
  • Added a proper icon for the cilia pull upgrade to replace the placeholder one.
  • Added 2 new multicellular prototype organelles; Axon and myofibril, for future use.

You can read the entire list of changes in our patch notes.

Looking Ahead

This update cycle was mostly focused on the further development of our prototype stages. With only the space stage remaining to be prototyped, we are sure to have a complete skeleton for the game soon enough! With the prototypes out of the way, we will be able to recenter our attention to the game proper.

Want to hear more? Come join us in our upcoming developer Thrivestream to ask us whatever you like, and celebrate the new release!