Devblog #8: A Friendly Little Update

Welcome to the Devblog, Thrive fans! We haven’t had a Devblog in a while, so we thought a little update was in order. In this Devblog, we will look at the direction Thrive is heading in and the progress it’s making. It is a little shorter than usual but there should be another Devblog coming soon, detailing the 0.3.2 release.

0.3.2 Progress Update

Test Release

We recently released a test release on our Community Forum and Reddit, so that we can find and deal with the bugs that are present in the newest version of the game. This means that when we release it to our wider audience, it should be a higher quality product. The feedback we have received so far has been very helpful in flagging up bugs; it shows us that there is still quite a bit of work to be done. In response, we have brought out a second test release. You can still help report on bugs by downloading it here. Thanks to these reports, the team is currently hard at work trying to fix these bugs in our private chat, Slack. The next Devblog will go into more detail about what this release brings to Thrive.

Furthermore, Thrive is a volunteer team, so progress will ebb and flow throughout the year. Several of our team members are students and so the exam period can be a slow time for Thrive. If you want the game to progress faster then head over to the applications page to see how you can help out!

Other News

Happy birthday Thrive Community Forum! It’s now over a year old, as the FAQ, was posted on the 8th May 2015, making the 8th of May the anniversary. It was created before that but this is the date it was released to the public.

Combat, Health and Reproduction Systems Overhaul

We have also been working on overhauling these systems on the Dev forum. For reproduction, we have designed a system that does not involve reproductase. This is because this is a fictional compound and detracts from any realism. The new system, simply put, involves organelles dividing if their compound bin is full. Once all the organelles have divided and the cell has enough compounds, the divide button becomes available. For more details, follow this thread. Other than this, we have also planned an overhaul for combat and health, which you can follow here.


We are also hoping to have some fairly big YouTubers look at Thrive some time in the future, which should hopefully attract more attention. Although we have had a couple express interest in doing a video on Thrive, we are not yet sure when or if this will ever happen.

Thrive Theme Poll

We may not have the next release out yet, but there is plenty of good Thrive themes for you to listen to in the meantime. In fact, we have been running a poll on the Community Forum to see which is the favourite. The themes that have been pencilled in to be included in the game are in a YouTube playlist, although it should be said that these are not finalised versions. I suggest putting on the playlist whilst you have homework or just work in general to do. You can go to the poll here or straight to the playlist here.

April Fool’s Day

Since our last Devblog we’ve also had April Fool’s Day. For those of you who don’t know, we released an April Fool’s version of 0.3.0, masquerading it as a 0.4.0. If you feel like checking it out just to see what was in it you can download it here. Here’s a hint: let’s listen to some funky Thrive disco music to play this Devblog out.

And that’s it for this Devblog, keep your eyes peeled for the next one! Thanks to everyone who has helped us with bug reports, and to all who are following our development. There should be a new Devblog soon and a release to go with it!

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