There’s no chance of this ever being completed, so why are you doing it?

Along with the conundrum of the underwater civilizations, this is undeniably the most frequently asked question we have. Each of our team members has their own opinion on the matter, so a single uniform answer isn’t possible, and in the context of visible progress so far, many are justified in believing that the full game will indeed never come to fruition.

The team formed out of a uniform desire to create an evolution game better than all which came before. Spore was, for many, a huge disappointment – after promising the epic tale of an organism’s grand rise from cell to space empire, all it delivered was a set of limited, scientifically inaccurate mini-games. Admittedly, it’s still fun (many of us still play it to this day), but it’s certainly not what EA promised. Revolutionary Games’ goal is to find out where Spore went wrong, fix its shortcomings, improve upon it as much as we can, and ultimately give the world the game it was denied. Yes, we are well aware of the risk; the possibility that, despite its lofty ambitions, the project will fizzle out has been a constant thought in all our minds. We seek to accomplish more and have less capacity to do so than some, but each of us has the motivation and skill to succeed, and so far, despite the adversities we’ve experienced, we’re still here, incrementally drawing closer to the game we hope is possible.

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