Why don’t you use Kickstarter or some other source of income?

We now are trying Patreon. So you can support us there. However something like a Kickstarter is much different as our scope of the game is enormous and there is no way we would be able to accurately determine how much money to ask for. We could maybe make an estimate for the cost of completing the microbe stage, but even that could be way off. So that’s why a one time payment thing like Kickstarter is not very suitable for us.

Dividing money up between a constantly changing team of people whose contributions can’t always be quantified is one challenge we don’t have solved yet. We plan on forming an actual non-profit organization in the future to handle the legal side of distributing money, by likely hiring developers as employees. You can find discussions about that on our forums. For now our programming team lead, hhyyrylainen, will handle the money aspect. Thrive was founded on the principle that voluntary contributions can make a game of this scope, and we will continue allowing contributions from people outside the team. For more discussion see Money and Thrive.

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