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Thrive is an open-source development project, which means anyone and everyone is welcome to help as much or as little as they wish. Manpower is always our biggest limiting factor, so we’re always glad to have more people helping out!

Most development takes place on our development forums. This is where game mechanics are discussed and formalized, assets are produced and improved on, and the meta-structure of the development process is decided. Click the image below to visit.

Development Forums ButtonThe game’s codebase is available on GitHub. Anyone is free to clone their own copy and suggest changes even without going through the application process (which will be explained below), though changes must be verified by an existing developer to be accepted. We also use the site for task management. For more information you can check Thrive’s Repository.

As an alternative to helping the game by contributing code or art, you can donate to help support paying for developers who can help us develop the game.

We have a Discord group for more instant communication. Invitation to Discord and the Development Forums requires an aspiring developer to make an email application to join the project. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like a proper job application. It’s only in place to keep development organized and focused.

To join, click the image below to find our contact details. IMPORTANT: before joining, please read as much of this page as possible. It covers the application process, development structure and general advice for how to contribute to the project. If you want to help out but you lack any game development skills, don’t worry, check out this page instead on how you can still contribute. Note that you must be at least 13 years old to apply.

Application Button All code is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence, while assets (like music and art) are covered by CC-BY-SA. This means we encourage anyone to copy and modify our code and assets, but all adaptations must be shared under the same conditions (non-commercial, available for others to modify) and attribute the original source as Revolutionary Games.

Discussion on our development forums should focus on development. Unfortunately this means we’ll have to turn away anyone with only ideas and no game development skills. We have plenty of concepts already, we just need the skills and manpower to implement them.

If your application isn’t accepted (or you’d prefer not to be involved with development), you’re still welcome on our community forums, where discussion isn’t held to such rigid requirements. There you can ask questions about the game, speculate on future mechanics, participate in forum games and chat with other Thrive supporters.

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For information regarding Revolutionary Games Studio ry (the association supporting Thrive), there is a separate page for more info.