New release, Thrive

We have a new patch release, Thrive! This was originally planned to be the release with binding agents, but those haven’t had progress done on them for a while, so here is a patch release with some important fixes that we didn’t want to keep the players waiting. The most important being the constant saving errors should be gone now (please open an issue if you still get saving errors), and we got a fix to the microbe AI being much worse than it should have been due to a small mistake in the code. But that’s not all, let’s see what this new release brings us:

Moving organelles

That’s right, as we announced in the previous Progress Update, organelles can now be moved around your cell making tweaking it less expensive. Keep in mind that this new feature is a bit buggy.

Patch Report Graphs

The Patch Report now has Graphs showing the evolution of each patch. Currently the only one that shows any changes is the Species and Compound graphs. The first one shows how species populations change along history and which ones go extinct, while the second shows how compound concentrations change. In the future, gas amounts and patch conditions will also change, making patches more dynamic.

Fixed AI

After the Godot port cells couldn’t act as predators due to a bug in the code. We fixed it and now cells can be aggressive again, making gameplay more interesting and challenging.

UI Improvements

We introduced a few changes and improvements to the UI: the MP bar now flashes if trying to change membrane types without enough MP, added a nicer new arrow texture to the MP bar, fixed some popups that wouldn’t resize correctly with translated text and added a button to open the logs folder, among other things.

Other changes include:

  • Balancing changes
  • Editor button disabled after the player dies
  • Added a shortcut (by default alt+enter) to toggle fullscreen mode
  • Environmental toxins now despawn after a few minutes.
  • Added a .desktop file for use on Linux
  • Various small GUI fixes
  • Player cell is now shown in mouse hover panel
  • Pressing enter on the species name enter now defocuses the input field
  • Fixed issues with some text not being translatable
  • Updated translations
  • General code repository related improvements

And that’s it for this patch release. Let’s now see what was accomplished during this last week:

Progress Update 2/20/2021

Finally, we formed an association! Revolutionary Games Studio ry. Based on Finland, it will take care of funding and hiring developers. For now our Patreon will be moved under this new nonprofit entity.

The forums were busy this week, we discussed more concepts about niches, and talked about adding procedural animations and an in game Thrivepedia.


  • Nothing Substantial




  • New aware stage soundtrack


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial