Past News Round Up

A general list of news from the project’s past to help newcomers get up to speed with development. Please note much of the information in earlier announcements is outdated — refer to more recent posts instead.

Development Blogs

#1 (August 25th 2010): We get a blog, a library, a dictionary, and a “PPG”. Plus: Bashi curses at code, and where the Belgium did Jrod go?

#2 (September 5th 2010): Planet stuff, tons of code, OGRE, marketing, and what was that thread I was supposed to make?

#3 (September 25th 2010): Welcome to Revolutionary Games

#4 (October 23rd 2010): Music, Art, Wikis, Chat and more

#5 (November 11th 2010): Bashi returns from nowhereland, Funny stuff, and NO OT SECTION.

#6 (December 5th 2010): ModDB, Business as Usual, Wiki Stuff

#7 (January 9th 2011): Team leads, Sandbox mode, and I Get Ignored

#8 (February 3rd 2011): Auto-Evo Lives, Biomes, Tech (Tree?), Facebook and Logos.

#9 (March 22nd 2011): Call to Action

#10 (June 11th 2011): Chess-evo, a Podcast, and Baited Breath

#11 (July 19th 2011): Solutions, Questions and a New Direction

#12 (March 31st 2013): Big Explosions, New Blood, and Beautiful Prototypes

ModDB Updates

Organism Editor Concept (December 11th 2009)

Revolution! (September 26th 2010)

Programming News (November 16th 2010)

Evolution (December 21st 2010)

Biome Contest (February 5th 2011)

Biome Contest Winners (March 20th 2011)

The Final Evolution (July 19th 2011)

It’s Been a Long Time (May 20th 2012)

A Chance to Get Involved (January 5th 2013)

A Rather Lengthy Note (April 20th 2013)

Microbe Editor Prototype (April 28th 2013)

Revolutionary Games Website (May 6th 2013)

Microbe Ecosystem (May 12th 2013)

Microbe Stage Concept Animation (August 20th 2013)

0.2.1 (December 30th 2013)

Miscellaneous Forum Updates


HUGE NEWS!!! (November 16th 2010)

Strategy Mode Update (November 29th 2010)

Manifesto of Simplicity (January 16th 2011)

ModDB Results (March 4th 2011)

The Nation Editor: What we’ve got and what we need (March 6th 2011)

Possible Breakthrough (October 30th 2011)

Global Announcement: Frequently Asked Questions (November 20th 2011)

More Traffic Than We Thought (November 24th 2011)

2011: A Look Back (January 2nd 2012)

Hey Guys, it’s a Devblog (November 28th 2012)

Global Announcement: Thrive Releases (February 19th 2013)

Global Announcement: GET INVOLVED (March 19th 2013)

Updated Research Web (May 8th 2013)

0.2.1 and Beyond (December 30th 2013)

Permissions Restructuring (January 21st 2014)

Applications System (January 31st 2014)


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