Progress Update 04/01/2023

This week we’ve gotten a lot of work done on our visual aspects of the game, with lots of brand new icons, models, and more just waiting for implementation. Our membrane system especially has received a long awaited revamp, removing visual seams and making all membranes look prim and proper.

Our prototypes continue to expand, now reaching into the distance societal stages where the player will no longer be in control of a single organism. It is in these stages where the game shifts from the evolution of your species, to the evolution of their culture and civilization.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • The membrane generation algorithm is now massively faster, and only results in slightly visually different membranes
    • Fixed the membrane disappearing for really thin and long cells
    • Fixed a visible seam in cell wall textures that was caused by the membrane generation code
    • Next part of the prototypes is now added: moving to the society stage now plays a camera animation and switches to a new scene where there are a few things setup (there’s no gameplay yet)
    • Added music tracks for the existing prototypes and upcoming ones, they can already be listened to in the art gallery
    • There’s now a warning icon on the editor finish button if ATP is negative or there’s an inprogress action that needs to be finished before exiting the editor
    • Removed classic patch map option as it had bugs specific to it and it was not going to get anyone to maintain that code to be compatible with new features
    • Patch map tooltip, for how to move it, now takes a few more seconds to appear in order to be less annoying
    • Switched world settings text to use safe string format to ensure it can’t crash due to translation mistakes
    • Updated translations
  • The society stage prototype is now in the works!


  • A returning artist, Kertit, has provided some new assets!
  • Revamped generation of membranes to remove ugly seams!
  • New and improved UI animations!



  • Twitchywhalez continues to refine their music track, still a WIP


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Thim announces their final fork update
  • Please welcome our newest programmer, HyperbolicHadron!
  • Note: Cells with eyes and underwater civs are not actual features in the game.

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