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Platforms: Windows & Linux (+ mac downloads are provided as-is without guaranteed support)
Founding Date: 2012 Thu Aug 30 08:31:36
Price: FREE
Developer: Revolutionary Games Studios
Social Media: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Discord, Contact Us.
Download: Current Release

Revolutionary Games Studio

Revolutionary Games is an independent open-source development team comprised mostly of volunteers who share a passion for science and want to deliver high impact science communication to a wide audience through play.

Our core team of developers is open to anyone with gamedev skills and our friendly community of fans is open to everyone.

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a free open-source game for PC about evolution, in which the player guides a species from their origin as a microbe to the space age and beyond. Gameplay is split into seven stages and the first, the microbe stage, is currently playable.

Through each stage you will guide your creature towards intelligence, sentience and the stars. Our team seeks to accomplish two major goals: create engaging, compelling gameplay that respects our players’ intelligence, and remain as accurate as possible in our depiction of known scientific theory.

Microbe Stage

The microbe stage is in production and the launcher for the current version can be downloaded from here it will automatically install updates.

In the Microbe stage you can play as a single cell attempting to survive in different biomes. Collect nutrients from clouds in the water around you, fight other cells, grow and divide to enter the cell editor which allows you to evolve your cell by adding organelles.

The microbiology aims to be realistic and we hope this gives players a unique window into the microscopic world.



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Current Development Team


  • Bird
  • Zarki


  • IRUI
  • MirrorMonkey2
  • Oliveriver
  • Twiggs
  • TwitchyWhalez


  • DonGororo
  • lavathor
  • Naggorath


  • FuJa0815
  • hhyyrylainen
  • Kasterisk
  • Kemikal
  • Maxonovien
  • Nunz
  • Thim

Game Design

  • Buckly


  • DonGororo
  • Narotiza
  • Nunz


  • No one at the moment

You can see a full list (that is usually more up to date) of our development team as well as past contributors here.