Progress Update 01/20/2024

This week we’ve seen a good variety of miscellaneous bugfixes related to some of the new features that were implemented just last week, as well as some holdovers from the previous public update. Alongside these bugfixes was a fundamental change to our auto-evo prediction panel, which now prioritizes displaying the energy your species manages to collect rather than just population.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Auto-evo prediction now shows the gained energy first and population second
    • Thriveopedia now has inter-page links and external links
    • Fixed some bugs related engulfable being stuck with 0 contents, at least infinite toxin damage should be fixed
    • Fixed engulfing not taking targets being in colonies into account, now the lead cell is no longer always yanked out of a colony
    • Fixed new organelle unlock text blocking mouse clicks
    • Fixed bugs with body plan editor and cell editor displaying their graphics at the same time
    • Fixed two saving problems related to the unlock system
    • Fixed an error being triggered when exiting from a save loaded in the editor without going to the microbe stage before quitting
    • Added a check to ensure gas compounds add up to 100% in biomes
    • Switched translation files to no longer have source reference lines, this should reduce merge conflict amount massively, but most translation tools don’t know how to look at the translation template file to find the reference line information
    • Updated translations
  • Removing translation file reference lines


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  • Please welcome our newest member of the game design team, IsmimCorj

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