Progress Update 01/21/2023

Development continues at a steady pace as we reach new milestones in controller functionality, and some small tweaks here and there to eliminate bugs. Feature discussion has ramped up a bit as we continue to refine our plans for the game.

There was a bit of miscommunication last week regarding controller support, so to clarify; The editor is a far cry from being navigable via controller, and currently only supports tab switching with the controller.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • It is not possible to rebind and see controller buttons in the options menu
    • Added a new movement mode (screen relative) that can be used for keyboard input (it is the default mode for controller input)
    • Movement tutorial now works with a controller but has a warning that controller support is not fully done and is buggy
    • Added fossilisation buttons to more places
    • Evolutionary tree now works for freebuild games started with a fossil
    • Fixed a bug with options menu thinking there are changed options, if the settings file didn’t exist
    • Fixed some trailing new lines in English text
    • Updated translations
  • Controller support continues to see great progress, now with functional rebinds and tutorial for movement.
Note that while you can move in-game using the controller, cell orientation remains locked to the cursor position. So we’re not quite there yet! There are also no default bindings.


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