Progress Update 01/28/2023

This week, we have taken strides in making it easier to work on Thrive. Most notably, we have updated to using .NET 7 and have removed our dependency on Python for translations. A new multicellular track is also in the works!

The cilia pulling in things mechanic implementation is also finally progressing again thanks to work starting on a general upgrades system which will be used to enable that for the cilia.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added day/night cycle tutorial
    • Welcome tutorial message now focuses the start thriving button by default
    • Added a warning popup when Steam initialization fails
    • Adjusted editor tab button positioning to have controller button prompts align better when they are displayed
    • Updated our tools and scripts to use .NET 7
    • Removed the dependency on Python for our translations script now there’s one less tool required when developing Thrive
    • Improved text extraction for translation tool
    • Added code style check for incorrect whitespace in English text
    • Improved the Github issue bug report template
    • Updated our style guide for .NET 7 new code checks and fixed new warnings they found
    • Fixed a few errors that happened when Godot loaded our code into the Godot editor process
    • Updated translations
  • Cilia attraction mechanic and organelle upgrades is progressing again
  • Discussion about updates to our translation workflow
The new tutorial for the day/night cycle


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  • New multicellular music track is being worked on


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