Progress Update 04/02/2022

This week we’ve finally produced a playable build for the multicellular prototype which currently features cell type specialization and gameplay. This is a monumental step in Thrive’s development, but there are yet many more steps on the long road of progress that await us. This prototype will be packaged with the 0.5.8 update, which also includes the new signaling agents part and a large host of other changes.

0.5.8 is currently scheduled to release on the 16th of this month.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Chemoreceptor colour is now automatically selected to match the compound colour in the modify GUI
    • Early multicellular prototype, which is very rough, is included
    • Updated translations
  • The multicellular prototype is now in a playable state.
What you see here may look like the normal cell editor we all know in love, but in truth it’s an extension of the multicellular editor! Each cell in your organism can be edited in the microbe editor, an editor within an editor!
It is now possible to create and place different kinds of cells on your organism at once, allowing for the cell specialization that defines the early multicellular stage.
Your multicellular organism can now exit the editor to play through the world! Things are looking rather messy right now as the appearance hasn’t been entirely sorted out yet, but it’s still progress!


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Resumed discussions on autoevo accuracy.


  • Tccasanova made a video of their first-time experience with modded Thrive, in addition to commentary from our resident theorist, Bird!


  • Please welcome our newest composer, Vyethriel!

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