Progress Update 04/23/2022

Ever since the release of 0.5.8 last week, we have been having a blast seeing all the cool creations players have made in the multicellular prototype. We’ve been getting a large amount of feedback as well, which has helped tremendously in identifying some difficulties with game performance that we have since pursued. Next week, we hope to create a patch to address some of the performance issues that players have reported, and maybe some other changes that didn’t quite make it into 0.5.8 in time.

We will be releasing as a performance patch sometime in the coming week.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Fixed major problem with the spawn system not being able to despawn things as fast as it spawned. This should give a major improvement to later game performance
    • Added a new more detailed metrics panel (default key is shift+F3) to be able to see game performance in more detail
    • Updated to Godot 3.4.4
    • Fixed incorrect translation bbcode being able to crash the game
    • Fixed crashing in text formatting when using our localized text class to guard against bad translations
    • Fixed enemy spawn cheat not making the spawned cells despawn
    • Fixed our custom colour picker leaking Godot objects
    • Simplified logic slightly in name permutation generation
    • Romanian language is now available in the game
    • Updated translations


  • Our graphics team has been hard at work creating new assets for Thrive!
Microbial scale iron chunk model by Nunz. A more realistic appearance based on micro-scale iron crystals.
Lysosome model by Roseae. The lysosome will be used to determine dietary preference and efficiency in the future.
Unbinding action icons by Roseae and Magart.
Timeline icon for multicellular life by Magart.


A concept image from the patch map discussion showcasing regions.


  • Twitchywhalez is creating new microbe-stage ambience.



  • Some developers are collaborating on an informational video on how you can contribute to Thrive.


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