Progress Update 05/07/2022

This week we focused out efforts on fixing alot of the issues found in the latest release, as well as continued progress on the patch-map systems, and testing out various ways to grant benefits to cell size.

we have re-released as there was a problem where the crash reporter didn’t correctly generate crash callstacks, making the reports almost completely useless. To rectify this a tweak was made to our Godot build scripts and new builds of were released everywhere that have a differently built Godot engine. If you are going to report crashes (and are not using the store versions of Thrive) please delete the existing install of from the launcher and redownload it.

Release included an update to our modding system. To go along with this change we have updated our brief modding information page and also released 2 new example mods: Cell Autopilot and Random Part Challenge. Cell Autopilot switches over the control of your cell to the AI and the Random Part Challenge gives you one random part per editor cycle. For maximum “challenge” you can use both mods at once. If playing outside Steam, you can find the mod downloads and source code here.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Cell editor in the multicellular prototype now has 50% discount (might be currently broken due to partially complete dynamic MP)
    • The editor now dynamically computes based on the overall done changes how much MP is left. This is not fully finished yet. (as mentioned in the previous point, there’s some fixing which is being done for this)
    • Added a hex placement sound
    • Selected dataset visibility now persists between editor sessions
    • The editor now shows a warning if a previous action is still in progress when trying to do something else.
    • Moving an organelle is now prevented on the microbe tab
    • Changed the mutation algorithm to not need to retry entirely when it causes a disconnected hex
    • Tweaked the main menu and pause menu fades
    • The game is now paused while the prototype warning popup is open
    • A button press sound is now played on the part selection buttons
    • Fixed microbe sfx sound volume not being correctly updated
    • Changed state changing actions in physics to run later, might have some impact on physics related crashing
    • Tweaked the frame delta translation a bit to make it clearer for translators
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Continued discussion of cell size impact and exploration.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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