Progress Update 05/25/2024

This week development has been largely focused on finalizing the day/night cycle as a mainline feature, and getting some preliminary work done in preparation for larger changes further down the road of development.

There’s still a few tasks that need completing before the day/night cycle is considered fully “feature complete” but it’s already well on it’s way!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Day/night cycle is now enabled by default but can still be turned off
    • Cells spawning close to night time (or during night) get extra resources to help them survive the night
    • Added a display in the editor showing how long each compound takes to fill up, this will hopefully help in planning for how to survive the night with enough resource generation during the day
    • Fixed regression in previous build with space comet scale being way too large
    • Fixed regression in previous build with non-LAWK organelles being shown incorrectly in LAWK mode
    • Added support for loading more shape types to our physics engine integration in preparation for all organelles getting their custom shapes defined
    • Added support for organelle upgrades overriding the base model of the organelle, which will soon be used for a few upgrades
    • Updated translations
    • Updated Jolt Physics engine


  • Icon for the injectisome upgrade.



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