Progress Update 06/01/2024

This week we have made meaningful progress in further polishing the addition of the day/night cycle, alongside some other new features and fixes. Iron eaters rejoice as we now have a eukaryotic variant of the rustycyanin!


The day/night cycle is further supported with new editor tools to help players calculate how well they can outlast the night.

  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added ferroplast organelle, which is the eukaryotic variant of rusticyanin
    • Added new GUI and warnings to the editor to show if storage space and compound production during the day is enough to survive the night for photosynthesisers
    • Added custom model and icon for injectisome upgrade
    • Created a new custom model for ice chunks to be separate from the particle effects also present in the patch
    • Buffed cell corpse chunks
    • Made AI cells that depend on resources that aren’t present during the night be more sessile during it
    • Made auto-evo consider surviving the night more to penalize species with not enough storage or resource stocking up during the day, this change is not yet fully tested for balance so this might have unintended effects
    • Created custom collision shapes for all organelles to finally properly fix them
    • Added custom physics time to metrics panel, this feature was done last December but somehow forgotten to be added until now
    • Fixed a brief flash of the game when exiting the freebuild editor for the first time
    • Fixed cheats being able to enable the editor button when already going to the editor which allowed causing a crash in the game by clicking the button again
    • Fixed some code warnings and fixed a bug in metaball moving that this uncovered where the parent metaball reference was not updated correctly
    • Updated YamlDotNet from 15.1.4 to 15.1.6
    • Updated xunit from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1
    • Updated translations


  • Icon for ferroplast organelle

Model for mucasyst organelle



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