Progress Update 06/08/2024

This week we’ve applied the finishing touches to the 0.6.7 update, with toxins as an exciting cherry on top of what will be a pretty feature-rich update. Endosymbiosis, new models, and the ferroplast organelle are some other notable features that will be officially released by next week.

Can’t wait to get your appendages on these features? You can try them now by playtesting our latest release candidate currently available for download. We only ask that you let us know how the experience feels, and if you notice any bugs!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added customization for toxin organelles to select various toxin types that have different effects than oxytoxy
    • Added different colours for different toxin types
    • Fixed auto-evo mutations code using exceptions for normal flow control, this fixes at least one identified case where the game would freeze completely
    • Updated translations


  • A new visual effect for the upcoming mucocyst feature.
  • Context-based interaction cursors for the multicellular stages.
  • Different toxin variants have their own unique look, allowing for a rather cheery barrage of death.


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