Progress Update: 07/13/19

It seems there has been many people busy behind the scenes. Our small team has been actively working forward with many changes and updates, because of this, we have decided to continue on with a weekly progress update instead of a bi-monthly one.

However, there are going to be times where little or no progress is made in a week. Birthdays, lives, and other commitments take priority. However we will still post a progress update so that the community knows we are here and are still working forward.

In addition, there has been an influx of people doing different efforts on programming as well as getting a dev build of thrive going. These people are listed down below.


  • More programmer having set up development environments
    • 1n48yg
    • lavathor
    • OBPSG


  • Ocean Animation
  • Addressing Lost Models


  • Nothing substantial



  • Contacted Previous YouTuber
  • Contacted New YouTuber


  • Happy birthday to Untrustedlife and Naggorath (And anyone else who’s birthday has been this week)


Progress Update: 07/13/19 — 2 Comments

  1. So Engulfing mechanics is going to be how the cell engulfs molecules/nutrients/other cells into its cytoplasm? Nice! How will it interact with a cell wall though, it’ll just go through the little “holes” or whatever they’re called like in real life? That’s awesome

    In my opinion though, the cell wall shouldn’t be able to engulf other cells if they’re bigger than the “holes”. Honestly this could actually be kinda cool from a gameplay perspective as you’d be playing as a less “carnivorous” cell, and instead a more defensive or “photosynthetic” cell. Of course if the cell is small enough then yeah you should be able to engulf it, and so you could have a “plant cell” eating another cell, kind of like how cells like Euglena can be photosynthetic and perhaps still be carnivorous. Just my ideas lol

    Also, dumb question, but how will the transition to multicellular stage work? Will you be able to get a ton of resources to craft collagen and bind yourself to other cells of your species, and then form the first “multicellular” animals, and the game transitions to multicellular stage?

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