Progress Update 08/19/2023

This week we’ve had a bit of progress behind the scenes as our programming lead focuses on the performance refactor, which should hopefully free up enough resources to make for a more stable gameplay. Analysis on the state of AI is ongoing to determine what needs to be improved, so you may notice AI related github tasks begin to emerge.

And finally, a returning programmer has taken the time to put together a video explaining Thrive’s autoevo and related matters! More on that below.


  • No new devbuild this week, as programming efforts largely focused on performance refactor.

The performance refactor will be translating many of the simulation parts of Thrive to the more performative C++ language. It’s… a task.

But it sure does bring results!


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  • Thim has put together a wonderful video showcasing their work on understanding and improving the autoevo system. And by watching this video, you too can begin to understand this complex beast!
With graphics provided by resident artist Roseae.


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