Progress Update 08/26/2023

The physics simulation integration continues as the primary focus, which should ultimately result in significant decreases in processing time related to physics handling. Our programming lead reports a roughly 20-50% faster processing rate for what has been integrated so far, which is very encouraging. Unfortunately this means there’s not much else to report this week aside from another change to our AI.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • The AI will now usually not try to engulf something it cannot digest
    • Updated YamlDotNet from 13.1.1 to 13.2.0
    • Updated our code checking tool versions
  • The physics integration to C++ continues with fine results. It might not be flashy, but this back end work will ensure smoother sailing and more possibilities in the future of Thrive!

The integration also gives us the opportunity to expand the amount of information provided to us for calculations such as penetration depth between shapes.


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