Progress Update 1/2/2021

Happy new year! We want to start 2021 with a bang, so we have a new 0.5.3 release candidate for you! We have some new improvements as well. We improved the editor hex popups and the Cell Processes panel is ready and available in a new devBuild for patrons.

We hope you are looking forward to the new release as we are. Next week we’ll have the official Thrive 0.5.3 release and there will be a new devblog as usual. We also intend to make another small release shortly after that to include some features that won’t make it in time. We have a lot of new things for you so stay tuned!


  • New devBuild, featuring the new Processes System Panel
  • Fixed a bug when rebinding keys
  • Disallowed quicksaving before loading finishes
  • Made tooltips appear quicker to improve the User experience


  • Improved the editor popups



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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