Progress Update 1/22/2022

The functionality of the chemoreceptor organelle is now implemented. For the initial release the chemoreceptor will only be able to detect compounds. but in the future we hope to make it also able to detect things like other cells. The chemoreceptor is now the first organelle for which the “modify” option in the editor is implemented. The organelle modify menu allows changing the settings for what the chemoreceptor tries to find. Once we add organelle upgrades to the game this same organelle modify menu will be used to apply the upgrades to your organelles. We also got a few smaller programming tasks completed this week that should fix some issues with the game.

Releasing 0.5.7 seems to be on track to happen in a few weeks. With the chemoreceptor now mostly done and the crash reporting system should be working as well. There’s one final hurdle regarding that as suddenly it seems Godot builds fail with their official containers due to a nuget certificate expiry issue. If anyone is able to help us out with this, please do.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added chemoreceptor organelle
    • Lowered max entity count a lot again as a workaround to try to make sure extremely low performance doesn’t happen anymore
    • Added a sound effect when cells collide hard enough
    • Double clicking a save now loads it / selects the name in the save menu
    • Updated to Godot 3.4.2
    • Fixed external effects applied in auto-evo for extinct species
    • Fixed some organelle tooltips having line change in bad spot in the organelle name
    • Fixed a bug in our audio player code
    • Tweaked cancelling the auto-evo prediction run to try to make a rare printed error about that disappear
    • Added some more safety null checks in auto-evo to try to make it possible to diagnose one reported bug
    • Updated translations
Chemoreceptor guidance lines showing directions to resources


  • Early look at a new chemoreceptor model, which will hopefully be ready in time for 0.5.7 and a new icon for it:


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