Progress Update 1/30/2021

New week, new progress update. This time talk that actually happened last week, wasn’t forgotten, so there’s quite a bit in the gameplay section this week.


  • Balancing changes to iron metabolism and organelle masses
  • Fixed the editor button staying enabled while the player is dead
  • Added a button in the options menu to open the logs folder
  • Insufficient MP sound and bar flashing now also works for trying to select a new membrane type
  • Added links to the repository readme to the forum, wiki, and discord
  • Progress on the report graphs
  • Investigation regarding spawn system densities not working found that all spawn density updates are probably not working. See the discussion here.
  • New DevBuild with most of these changes included in it, available to our patrons.


  • Nothing Substantial



  • The new space stage track is now finished. Listen to it here.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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