Progress Update 1/7/2022

This week we’ve hit the ground running after a nice long rest over the holidays, with plenty of exciting developments and experiments to show off and start off the year of 2023 with a bang.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Process panel now keeps working even when the player is ready to enter the editor
    • Auto-evo exploring tool now shows the total simulation run time
    • Invalid fossil files are now skipped instead of crashing the game
    • World seed is now logged when map generation fails
    • Fixed a bug in world generation where it failed due to not keeping track of a created tidepool patch
    • Fixed a crash when an entity with attached fossilisation button was destroyed
    • Light level updates are now no longer applied each frame to save slightly on performance
    • Unified codebase by removing use of Godot meta in one place
    • Updated translations
  • Launcher 2.0.3 has released. Make sure to keep your launcher version up to date!


  • One of our programmers, Thim, has been experimenting with membrane generation logic and getting some interesting results… Those interested can find this and more on Thim’s prototype fork of Thrive.



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Development of the autoevo exploration tool has progressed, now with substantially increased species data tracking to allow for deeper analysis than ever before.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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