Progress Update 10/12/2019

After deciding which new features will be in the next release we’ve been brainstorming ideas about how to implement them both on Discord and the dev forums, you can check the full list here if you want to know what’s comming.

Not everything has been discussing though, we also have progressed on new things, like a color wheel for changing your cell’s appereance as well as some concepts for upcomming features.


  • Progress on the appearance tab
  • GUI progress
  • Progress on star and planet generator


  • Concept for a main menu background with a 3d planet
  • Concepts for star and planet generator UI



  • Pilus stabbing sound effect



  • Nothing Substantial



Progress Update 10/12/2019 — 4 Comments

  1. Good Color Editor concept, now if it had something like the hex code used to identify each color. Such as this for example:
    0026FF – Blue

    • I actually considered doing this, but I was worried it might confuse some players with a less-technical background. Some other team members agreed with me. Maybe when the options menu is added there could be an option to enable/disable that feature.

  2. I think it would be nice if the composition of the cell (type and number of organelles) drives the cell color. Besides been more realistic it also gives clues to the player what kind of species you are dealing with.

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