Progress Update 10/15/2022

The quiet weeks stretch on as many devs continue to be occupied by their education, but progress continues nonetheless. This week we’ve made progress on the Thriveopedia, some optimization of Thrive’s background functions, and the multiplayer experiment. Additionally, we have made some significant changes to the English translation of the game.

Cleanup has been performed on the English language dictionary and most entries are now properly setup with the key English text and explanation for a few things to make them clearer. Only a select few texts are now marked as untranslated terms as there are just a few things that are forbidden to be translated. Chemical process names etc. can now have language specific names. When adding new entries you should very carefully consider whether you should just add a language-specific term as the English dictionary will be maintained from now on so as not to be filled with junk or imprecise terms.

The translation guidelines wiki page has been updated regarding dictionary usage.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Saving now uses a new Godot API to generate the screenshot PNG this avoids an unnecessary temporary file write to disk and should be faster as a result
    • Updated translations
  • The Thriveopedia continues to take shape, and now possesses the fossilization feature, allowing you to save select species you encounter.
  • The concept of multiplayer continues to be explored, with netcode being expanded to include physical interaction with players.


  • Narotiza continues to experiment with mucilage representation.



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