Progress Update 10/19/2019

We did it, we finally implemented the new UI! It needs some tweaks and the report, patch map and editor tabs still use the old one, but nontheless it’s a big step forward.

We’ve also been working on new features, some are near implementation even, particularly the planet generator which now can generate both a star and planet with their own properties. We’ve also had some work on introducing pausing and concept art for new features.


  • New UI implemented
  • Star and Planet generator progress
  • Progress on a pausing mechanic
  • Better display of patch conditions


  • Radiotrophy concepts
  • Radioactive rock models
  • Concept for toxin shooting mechanic
  • Proposals for a new editor icon



  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial


  • The first Thrive Meme Contest is over, you can see the winers here!
  • Concept for the transition between unicellular and aware stage. No, there’s no multicellular in between.


Progress Update 10/19/2019 — 9 Comments

  1. For the new editor icon proposals I think we should stick with the single gene icon because the chances that players know how transcription works is pretty low.

  2. I think DNA icon is pretty simple enough. I am against the replicating one because it looks too complex for someone playing a game and they mostly won’t need any scientific explanation of replication.

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