Progress Update 10/22/2022

Not much progress to report this week, outside of a couple changes detailed in the programming section below. On the bright side, our developers are beginning to report back in so development can be expected to pick up a little in the coming weeks.

In other news, we’ve recently been featured in a blog-post by github in an article on how open-source games are providing a unique approach to the culture of game development! The article contains quotes from an interview between the writer and our resident programming team lead, Hhyyrylainen.

For those who may have missed it, the translation guidelines have recently been changed.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Fixed panspermia being selectable with LAWK being on by default now
    • Refactored our code related to species colour adjusting when used in graphs (while doing this we noticed that transparency no longer works in cells, which was an intended feature to encourage species that are harder to see for the player to evolve)
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • We were featured in a github blogpost!


  • Nothing Substantial

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