Progress Update 10/23/2021

This week we managed to fit in two devbuilds as we continue to prepare for the eventual release of 0.5.6 on the 27th of November. We’ve made plenty of progress so far, and plenty of time to go even further! In addition we are also on the cusp of our first official platform release on the game store, with only the trailer remaining to be completed before our debut. If we are unable to release on steam by next month we may have to push back the release date of 0.5.6.

In order for us to finalize our release on steam, we will need our remaining past developers of Thrive to sign our CLA or else we will have to remove their contributions in order to conform to Steam’s policies. If you have previously contributed to Thrive and have not yet signed our CLA, please do so.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added load and menu buttons to the extinction screen
    • Multiple cells of same species are now shown on one line in the mouse hover panel
    • Fixed text extraction on Windows – Little bit code cleanup on MicrobeAI
    • Disabled pilus physics while in a colony, this fixes many cases of colony cells getting detached
    • Auto-evo now uses all threads when the game is waiting on it
    • Added a separate button to view license information and removed it from the credits
    • Fixed crash changing chromatic aberration settings after returning to the main menu
    • Added key to hide the HUD (F2), good for screenshots
    • Fixed main menu back buttons being able to be clicked so fast that they didn’t react
    • Added a new bbcode tag for using game constants in text
    • Refactored Microbe class into 3 parts to make it more manageable
    • Removed extra locale change log message each time exiting the editor
    • Fixed spelling warnings in patch generator
    • New languages: Ukrainian and Hungarian
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Created some concepts on the early multicellular editor. More to come later!
Concept on potential freeform placement style.
Concept on editing cell type in multicellular.
Alternative (and messy) concept for editing cell types.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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