Progress Update 10/30/2021

Progress towards 0.5.6 and the Steam and Itch releases continued this week. The Steam store page has been completed and it can be hopefully published next week. The Itch store page has also been finished, and it will be published once a customized build of the game for Itch is finished along with the required scripts to upload the game to Itch.

We had some more talk about the pricing of the game where for now a price of $4.99 was deemed a suitable price to offer Thrive on game stores as a way for people to support future development and get something in return. For Itch this will be the game as is, but downloadable through the Itch client and a special option in the launcher to immediately start the game. For Steam our plans are to offer those Itch benefits as well as to hook into the Steam cloud saves as well as Steam workshop. We are hoping to complete a basic mod loader system to go along with this.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Implemented the behaviour tab in the editor
    • Fixed (some) colony detach bugs
    • Added a cheat to spawn an enemy
    • Improved the GUI for displaying license information
    • Moved to a custom GUI dialog system improving cancelling and look of them
    • Fixed colonies losing compounds if they disagree on useful compounds
    • Added custom checkbox and moved our GUIs to use them
    • Toxins should now collide with chunks
    • Fixed bug in earlier build causing broken saves in the editor
    • Extinction box is now on top of the tutorial dialogs
    • Moved to C# 9.0
    • Fixed reset localization script when there are local changes
    • Added automatic check against committing merge conflicts
    • Updated translations


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  • Nothing Substantial

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