Progress Update 11/11/2023

Great progress has been reached in the refactoring efforts, and we were finally comfortable enough with the refactor to merge the changes into Thrive proper. There is still a lot to be done however, and while the game is in a playable state again, there is still a great deal of polish and reimplementation that needs to occur.

Some major features such as the ability to save, and microbe colonies are still unconverted and do not function. And there may be a new wave of bugs and crashes introduced by these changes that will need to be documented and rectified. For those interested, we could use some help identifying some of the more obscure bugs, crashes, and any other kind of issues that may be arising from the refactor.

The latest devbuild for our supporters will feature these major changes, as well as a couple bug fixes. You can also access it now by building Thrive yourself from our github.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Finally merged the massive ECS and physics refactor of the entire microbe stage gameplay code. There’s still quite many unimplemented features and many small bugs that were accidentally introduced with the changes.
    • The refactor also fixed a bunch of old issues that it wasn’t exactly aimed at and made many other issues obsolete.
    • Microbes now use physics based turning but there’s still a little tweaking left before it is adjusted fully.
    • Species are now (mostly) compared by IDs. This should fix some cannibalism issues that refused to get fixed earlier.
    • Custom popups now adjust to content height, this fixes organelle popup menu being cutoff in certain languages.
    • Updated code checking tools version.
    • Updated translations.
  • Our devbuild system has been updated to use precompiled libraries again. Currently, the only issue that has arisen is Thrive crashing instead of closing properly when you terminate the game on linux systems. Please let us know if you have any other problems playing the latest devbuilds.
  • Our multiplayer prototype is being ported to the newly refactored Thrive. There’s still a lot of work to do before it’s good to go, but the little side project is not being lost to time!


  • Some progress on our warm pond start of the microbe stage, with it’s own dedicated intro.
  • The model for our new and upcoming organelle has been imported. This part will convert ATP into glucose.



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