Progress Update 11/21/2020

Since our announcement last week many people have helped with translations during the last days. Thanks to everyone who took their time to help us! There’s still work to be done, you can still help with translations by registering here.

We also improved the in game text so everything can be translatable, and fixed some bugs. The discussion about a new ATP system continues, now with a new thread (all previous discussion only happened on discord). With this we may be on track for an overhaul for this mechanic.


  • Random number generator state is now stored in saves
  • Made some strings translatable
  • Colorized the MP bar text
  • Added more Easter egg messages
  • ATP damage sound no longer plays when dead
  • Fixed some strings not using localization


  • Concept for a new 3D membrane system



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


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