Progress Update 11/25/2023

We’ve been getting a lot done this week with all efforts focused on smoothing out all the kinks and bugs that have resulted from our refactor. The microbe stage is once again in a largely playable state, but there are still many more bugs hiding in the fringes of Thrive. We have already surpassed our original planned release date for this update, and are now entering overtime to get the smoothest release possible.

In order to get things done right, we have decided to call on your help with our community beta testing build, where you can download and playtest the latest update before it’s official release. We would greatly appreciate any and all reports of crashes, unusual behavior, and other bugs you might discover. Please give us instructions on how you managed to break something!

You can access the beta build here.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Equivalent build of 0.6.4 public beta
    • Reimplemented creating images of microbes
    • Fixed microbe colony unbinding
    • Physics now run in a background thread
    • Fixed chunk collisions disappearing on save load
    • Fixed all other prototypes except early multicellular is still unfixed
    • Thrive no longer crashes on exit on Linux when using the native library
    • Added used runtime license texts to the game
    • Updated NetAnalyzers from 7.0.4 to 8.0.0
    • Updated AngleSharp from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7
    • Updated translations


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Some design going on in the background relating to dynamic compounds and gasses in the environment. More on that later this week.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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