Progress Update 11/30/2019

One issue that gets brought up constantly (besides the dreaded underwater civilizations) is money, in particular how to finance Thrive. It’s so persistent that we even have a whole article about it. This time we have a new alternative to what has been proposed so far, forming a non-profit.

This would alow us to receive donations while keeping the money safe in case someone ran off with it. Currently we’ve considered joining Software Freedom Conservancy as a project, we’ve already contacted them and at the time of writing we are waiting for their reply. If we are accepted, the organization would take care of collecting donations and contracting developers as well as paying web hosting costs. We’ll update you once they reply.


  • Updating the Launcher to the 1.1.1 version
  • Updating the dev center


  • Progress on the Microbe Stage cutscene


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Aquatic Theme


  • Nothing Substantial



* Guys this is a joke don’t pre-purchase the game, like it’s impossible to buy it but still, don’t do it ok?


Progress Update 11/30/2019 — 3 Comments

    • Rodrigo this is a question i and many others have asked before but there is going to be multiplayer for only 1 stage at a time no evolution stuff or anything like that but you can play industrial stage with multiplayer so yeah maybe

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