Progress Update 11/6/2021

First of all the store page for Thrive is now live on Steam so check it out and add us to your wishlist. The release in Early Access is planned to coincide with the 0.5.6 release. There are still a few Steam related things that need doing before then, which we’ll hopefully manage to get done in time. The store page is also ready, but it’s still waiting for work to complete regarding the needed scripts to upload Thrive there.

In other progress on Thrive, we had another busy week with a lot of PRs being finished and still more being started. As a highlight we now finally have auto-evo affecting the player species. Also the copy made from the player species whenever you entered the editor is no longer a thing, allowing more diversity in the species. This feature still needs balancing work.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added species splitting and auto-evo affecting the player
    • Added a button to randomize the species name
    • Fixed ATP delay in balance bar icon hiding
    • Fixed hover hex being shown while mousing over the scroll bars
    • Fixed extinction screen not stretching correctly in fullscreen
    • Fixed save slot rotation not working with 10 or more saves
    • Removed and recreated work from people who didn’t sign the CLA
    • Changed how it is detected the mouse is over the GUI areas in the editor to be more reliable
    • Colour filters are now briefly disabled when taking a screenshot if they were enabled
    • Fixed background not working in really wide aspect ratio
    • Made background scroll speed consistent in both directions
    • Stopped pressing space during microbe cutscene from restarting it
    • Improved performance in graphs with many points
    • Fixed the ATP and health bars that had tilted ends of the bars
    • Added a hover effect for the custom checkbox text
    • Updated our code checking tools to support C# 9.0
    • Updated translations
  • Talk about allowing mods more freedom regarding licensing



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