Progress Update 11/7/2020

More work on binding agents. We are still discussing how to implement them in game and also how to code them, as it turns out, making this new feature is not an easy task so we need a proper plan to make it work.

And with all these changes we need people to test them, that’s why we are asking for game testers! If you are interested read about it here. We want people that have experience testing games and also breaking them not just people who want to play the game. Speaking of which, we released a new dev-build for patrons featuring many changes that we talked about in the previous Update as well as new ones, like disabling the editor button when dead.


  • New Dev Build, featuring changes from the previous week as well as:
    • Editor button is now disabled on player death
    • Saving system overhaul
    • Improved island hex detection performance
    • AI can now only make valid mutations (no disconnected hexes)
  • Code design for binding agents


  • More work on the binding agent model



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial