Progress Update 11/9/2019

We have some very good news this week, the pilus is finally implemented! Now all your fantasies about stabbing your fellow microbes to death will be satisfied. Although you’ll have to wait untill the next release to satiate your thirst for bl… cytoplasm.

Moreover, there has been a lot of progress on the graphics team. There are new concepts about bioluminescense, a 3D microbe stage (of which Narotiza has made an extended document explaining how the UI and controls would work) and also new icons for the editor as well as some progress on the new cutscene. We should point out that this cutscene is different from the one Quantum Crab is working on, in case you were following their progress on the forums. The one featured in this post is made by Uniow.


  • Progress on moving organelle definitions to a json file
  • Bug fixing
  • The Pilus is now implemented


  • Bioluminescence concepts
  • Some renders for testing 3D cells
  • Progress on the new cutscene
  • New cell wall icons for the editor



  • Extinction theme



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial