Progress Update 12/03/2022

This week we made a lot of progress in the development of 0.6.0 with a final big push of changes. We are happy to say that we’ve successfully pushed the day/night cycle, as well as many bug fixes. Note that we did not have time to implement tutorials or other accessory features for the day/night cycle, so you will need to enable it in settings to play with it.

With the feature freeze now in place, we have created a public release-candidate for testing purposes. If you decide to download this candidate, please take the time to report any bugs you encounter. We hope you enjoy our latest features!

The official release of 0.6.0 is due next week on the 10th of December.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added day/night cycle. Note that due to missing tutorials, balancing etc. which we didn’t have time for, you need to manually enable this feature when starting a new game in the advanced options.
    • Digestion efficiency display in the editor now shows the separate values for each type of digestion to reduce player confusion regarding them
    • Adjusted the size and positioning of the main menu social buttons and adjusted the Revolutionary Games links popup
    • Fixed a rare crash when using a lot of slime jets
    • Added a bandaid on infinite compound ejection due to engulfed object having compounds with NaN amounts in it
    • Tweaked the “no mods enabled” warning popup visuals
    • Tweaked the Thriveopedia GUI
    • Updated translations


  • Our new graphics artist, Heath, has been hard at work creating concepts for how they envision the microbe stage.
  • Nunz has continued to make progress with revamping our iron chunks, giving them more personality and flavor.



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  • Please welcome our newest graphics artist, Heath!

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