Progress Update 12/19/2020

Finally we have a model for binding agents, this means we are closer to implementing them. We have a model for Thermoplasts too and more concepts for their working.

We also bring you a new DevBuild for patrons, with many new features and bug fixes. There are other new concepts this week as well, showing a possible new UI for later 3D stages, another ATP bar overhaul and the possibility of adding Pyruvate as an intermediate compound in cellular respiration.


  • New BOTD featuring:
    • New input system
    • Language option now shows the native full names of the available languages
    • Fixed translation extractor line numbers for Windows
    • Fixed editor button not being enabled after loading a save
    • Updated translations
    • Nitrogen fixing plastid is once again named correctly in the editor
    • Tutorial panels now have scrollbars if the content is too long
    • Language changing in the editor now also applies to the stage
    • Auto-evo config is now loaded from json
    • Species name text placeholder is now translated
    • Music fade is now better
    • Removed extra element separators in key-rebinding menu
    • Improved key rebinding GUI
    • Floating chunks now use more accurate convex collisions
  • Added Serbian Translation
  • Added a button in the main menu to open github


  • New icon for binding agents
  • Binding agent model implemented
  • New model and concept for the Thermoplast
  • Concepts for a new UI for 3D stages
  • Concepts for a Temperature Bar for the Thermoplast


  • Concept for adding Pyruvate to the game
  • Concepts for new ATP bars


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial