Progress Update 12/26/2020

We are getting closer to the next release, it’s scheduled in two weeks so stay tuned for that! Some things that this new version may feature are Thermoplasts, last week we showed several concepts and models for this new mechanic and today we have something new: A Temperature Gradient Bar.

This bar shows the temperature difference between the cell and the exterior, as this difference increases, so does ATP production. We also have a new devbuild for patrons, new ice crystal models, an editor popup for manipulating organelles and we had a long discussion about the future Aware organism editor.


  • New devbuild:
    • The arrow showing forward direction in the editor is back
    • Membrane tooltips are now dynamically generated and numbers are relative to currently selected membrane
    • Editor camera can now be panned with the mouse or arrow keys
    • Translations updated
    • New language: Korean
    • Added a button in the main menu to go to Github
    • Language list now uses “-” as separator instead of parenthesis
    • Fixed Carbon and Dioxide not being one string for translation purposes
    • More CI checks for problems in translations
  • Progress on the Processes panel
  • Working on a temperature gradient bar for the Thermoplast
  • Working on a popup on the editor for deleting and moving organelles


  • Added a Thermosynthase (prokaryote version of the Thermoplast) model and icon
  • Added icon for the Gradient bar
  • Working on Snowflake models for the ice shelf biome
  • New Multicellular concept


  • Cellular processes flowchart


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial