Progress Update 2/13/2021

There’s a new feature, moving organelles! Now it’s possible to move them around in the editor with a small MP cost. This feature is early in development so there are some bugs we need to fix. It’s also available in a new devbuild, as always available to our patrons.

We also discussed about adding a Niche System for the in game species which would also affect Auto-Evo. With all the new changes in the last month and a half we plan making a new patch soon. However, binding agents aren’t guaranteed to be added. We’ll keep you informed in the coming weeks.


  • New Build of the Day:
    • Fixed a major bug in the AI that prevented it acting as a predator
    • Added feature for moving organelles note: we know of some serious bugs regarding this
    • A bunch of GUI fixes and tweaks: improved popups, added more things that can be translated, partial fix for stuck bars, dialogs adapt to translation sizes, styled default tooltips
    • Resulting mutation points arrow now looks nicer
    • Key binding for new toggle fullscreen key can now be changed
    • Updated translations


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