Progress Update 2/22/2020

More concepts for the new UI, since we are using a new aesthetic there are a lot of features (like dropdown menus, timed buttons or checkboxes) that have to be figured out and that’s what Narotiza has been working on during this week. We even have a neat concept animation for the main menu.

Though progress on programming is currently going slowly, since our main programmer is busy with college work, he managed to make the UI render on the new graphics engine, which is crucial for finally making the switch.


  • GUI now renders on diligent
  • Cells are now slowed more when engulfed


  • More GUI concepts
  • Planet generator UI concept

You can find (and properly read) a hi-res version of this here


  • Idea for testing organisms in the editor


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


Progress Update 2/22/2020 — 4 Comments

    • For that we need a prgrammer with a Mac who can also work constantly on the game. That’s no possible at the moment so we don’t have anything planned about it.

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