Progress Update 2/4/2023

Another successful week of incremental fleshing out has passed. Along with mechanic discussions being held on the forums, we have began working on implementing website news in Thrive’s main menu itself. Such a feature will result in a very seamless and streamlined experience for the player.

With our general upgrade mechanic fully implemented alongside the suction cilia, an essential component of Thrive’s design is now implemented. All future upgrades are now much easier to implement! Stay tuned to see how this upgrade system will start being fleshed out.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Cilia now has an upgrade to make it pull in nearby objects, which is useful for predation
    • Improved dynamic MP calculation to better handle some cases, especially the new general organelle upgrades system
    • Added our website news feed to the main menu – Removed negative (or zero) passed time checks as Godot Engine should have a fix in now to guard against
    • Added a support in our packaging script to target the web platform, but as expected the game is totally broken when exported that way (someone might come along at some point in the future and make it actually work, but we aren’t promising anything regarding this)
    • Updated our Github bug report template
    • Translations files are now alphabetically sorted based on keys, which will hopefully make fewer PRs required to update translation files
    • Updated translations
  • Problems still existing with dynamic MP was discussed
News feed in the main menu. Someone might even read this post in the future by accessing it through that feature.
The first general organelle upgrade.


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